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Stellar Edition Hobby Box - 10-Box Case (LIVE BREAK)

Stellar Edition Hobby Box - 10-Box Case (LIVE BREAK)

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LIVE BREAK - this product will be ripped Live at TruCreator's Official Youtube Channel

Creator Series 2 presents Stellar Edition - containing 4 cards per box with one guaranteed autograph card per box on average.

Look for SSP Stellar-exclusive Golden Grail and Watermelon inserts as well as numbered Deep Space and Nebula autograph cards!

Additions include: Chuck Norris, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Ronald Acuña Jr., Brock Purdy, Allen Iverson, Pelé, Julio Rodriguez, Amari Bailey, and more!

Featured Creators: Faze Rug, The Professor, Flight, Mike Tyson, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Cash, Deestroying, Jesser, Allen Iverson, Faze Adapt, Faze Apex, Tristan Jass, Kristopher London, Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones, CJ Stroud, MMG, Troydan, Qias Omar, Bdotadot5, Duke Dennis, Josh Horton, Kai Cenat, Agent 00, Marcelas Howard, ZackTTG, 2HYPE, ImDavisss, YoBoyPIZZA, Tyceno, FanumTV, Simplistic, Jenna Bandy, Packman, Jiedel, Scooter Magruder, AnnoyingTV, JoeKnows, Stephania Ergemlidze, Moochie, AJ Lapray, Gio Wise, Eli Mack, Kenny Chao, HenrytheBlasian, White Iverson, Jeffrey Bui, Chrisnxtdoor, and more!

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