INSANE 1/1 Edition - Creators Collection Series 1

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TruCreator presents the Creators Collection 1/1 Edition Jumbo box, featuring 25+ of your favorite creators as well as top athletes. Each box contains 24 packs, with each pack containing 6 cards and a chance to pull autograph, relic, or 1/1 cards. Each box comes with a guaranteed 1/1 card. 

Featured Creators include: MMG, Duke Dennis, Tyceno, AnnoyingTV, Kristopher London, Jesser, Cash , Jiedel, ZackTTG , Moochie, Stephania Ergemlidze, ImDavisss, JoeKnows, Coletheman, Marcelas Howard, Troydan, TDbarrett, Qias Omar, DDG, Kenny Chao, QJB, Jeffrey Bui, Adin Ross, YourRage, Scooter Magruder, AJ Lapray, YoBoy Pizza, 2HYPE

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